Turquoise Summit is a small-scale, laidback startup cruise where entrepreneurs, investors, movers and shakers from various international startup communities gather.

Our Purpose

To redefine startup conferences, and to offer a unique space and scenery for people from various international startup communities to gather.

This is Turquoise Summit

  • Turquoise Summit wants to offer an alternative to the traditional startup conferences, offering a unique space for entrepreneurs, investors, and influential figures to gather and forge meaningful connections, against a gorgeous backdrop. Unlike vast events like Slush and Web Summit, Turquoise Summit goes beyond superficial networking, focusing on individual needs and connections through singularity. This curated experience encourages participants to build authentic relationships and dedicate time to personal reflection on their entrepreneurial journies.

About The Founder



Passionately dedicated to global impact through entrepreneurship, Alexander has been an active entrepreneur since 2014. With an extroverted personality and a natural inclination towards social interactions, he sought to provide a unique alternative to events like Slush and Web Summit. Fueled by his love for entrepreneurship and the open sea, Alexander conceived Turquoise Summit following two enriching private cruises with the same yacht partner. As a testament to Alexander's dedication, each event strives to offer valuable moments for recharging, sharpening focus, and personal reflection. The goal is to create a space where you can forge meaningful connections beyond the superficial, and carve out time for personal contemplation on your entrepreneurial journey.