17-24 August

πŸ‘€ Overview

Embark on a unique startup adventure on the Turkish Riviera. Turquoise Summit is not your average event; it’s a transformative experience crafted for entrepreneurs seeking more than just networking. Our mission is simple: to redefine startup conferences. Join us for a week of inspiration, meaningful connections, and the journey of a lifetime.

πŸ“† Dates and Location

🎟️ Ticket Options

Show your interest by filling out our form to snatch a spot for this exclusive experience.

With only 13 seats up for grabs, Turquoise Summit is a curated event like no other. We have three different ticket options to offer. If you like to see more in detail of what each ticket has to offer, please check our ticket page, or click on your desired ticket below.

  1. Shared Twin Cabin: €1,795 per person
  • Enjoy the startup adventure with a fellow entrepreneur.
  • All-inclusive: 3 meals a day, unlimited snacks and drinks.
  1. Shared Private Cabin: €1,895 per person
  • The perfect blend of privacy and camaraderie.
  • All-inclusive: 3 meals a day, unlimited snacks and drinks.
  1. Private Cabin: €2,295 per person
  • For those who value privacy but want to be close to the action.
  • All-inclusive: 3 meals a day, unlimited snacks and drinks.

PLEASE NOTE: due to requirements by our yacht provider, the payment for food and drinks can only be made in person to the yacht captain, necessitating this division of payment. When booking your ticket, €575 will be deducted from the price you see here, as it’s the part you have to pay in cash, in person upon embarking the yacht.

πŸŽ‰ 10% off until 31 January 2024 πŸŽ‰ If you hurry and book before the 31 January 2024, assuming we still have tickets left, we’ll offer you a 10% discount on your ticket.

The New Year Special discount will be removed after 31 January 2024, so secure your spot soon and set sail on the startup voyage of a lifetime!

πŸ’Έ Bring a friend and get €100 off πŸ’Έ As if the 10% discount wasn’t good enough, we will also knock off an additional €100 from your ticket price for every friend you bring to the event. However, friends are subject to approval from us to make sure they fit the target audience.

πŸ—ΊοΈ Itinerary

We’ll decide which route to take as the event comes closer (and of course keeping en eye on the current weather conditions), but you can expect a lot of sailing and making the most of the beautiful surroundings of the Turquoise Coast. Meanwhile, we’ll arrange different low-key activites and introductions between participants. No one day will look the same, we can promise you that!

🩡 Networking > Keynotes

Picture an event where your entrepreneurial spirit takes center stage β€” without any speakers or keynotes; because we’re not your typical Web Summit or Slush. Anticipate more laughter than lectures. That said, if any participant is bubbling with passion about a specific topic and envisions a small knowledge-sharing session, we’re all ears. Reach out, and let’s turn that idea into a reality!

Immerse yourself in unique networking opportunities at Turquoise Summit. Connect with professionals, startups, and potential collaborators globally through curated sessions. Elevate your experience with engaging social events and activities. Secure your ticket to navigate a week of connections.

πŸ›¬ Getting to the Event

Easiest way to get to the start and end point of our event is to travel via Istanbul’s two airports, Istanbul Airport (IST) on the European side, and Sabiha GΓΆkΓ§en International Airport (SAW) on the Asian side, to Milas-Bodrum Airport (BJV). There are many flights going to both of Istanbul’s airports, with SAW being the more common one for budget airlines as well as domestic flights.

  • From Milas-Bodrum Airport (difficulty level: 😌): For participants arriving at Milas-Bodrum Airport, we provide an optional airport transfer service to Ortakent Marina. You can also choose to settle your own transfer to Ortakent Marina, of course at your own expense.

  • From Kos (Greece) Harbour (difficulty level: πŸ₯΅): For participants opting to fly to Kos, have to take a transfer from the airport to the ferry terminal in Kos harbour (about 30 mins) and then the ferry to Bodrum (another 30 mins). From Bodrum participants have to take another transfer to Ortakent marina (about 30 mins) - all these transfer are at your own expense. Simply put, we do not recommend this option, unless you have time to spare and an urge to explore. πŸ˜…

πŸ€” What The FAQ

  • Can you arrange airport transfer? Yes we can. The fare for a one-way transfer from the Milas-Bodrum Airport to Ortakent Marina and vice versa (about 45 mins one way) is €75. This fare can be split between up to 3 people, so we’ll try make sure you sync with other participants to split the trip and save you some hard-earned €, as well as going easier on the environment.

  • Are there any excursions planned during the trip? We set an initial itinerary ahead of the event, but the itinerary might change due to weather conditions prior to and during the event. Chat with your fellow travellers and the captain to see what possible excursions you can do while onboard. NOTE: Any excursion fees are excluded from your booking.

  • Are there other costs related to this trip, that aren’t included in the ticket price? Yes. There is a culture of tipping within the yachting world, so we want to make you aware that a tip is expected from each Summit participant when disembarking from the yacht. This tip is paid in cash to the captain, who then distributes the tip to the crew. You tip the amount you feel is fair 😊

  • If I buy a ticket but change my mind, what are my options? Due to the highly seasonal nature of our events, and because all tickets are personal, we cannot offer either rebooking or transfer of a ticket. You’ll have to cancel your ticket according to our terms.

  • What’s your refund policy? If you cancel 76 days or more before the scheduled departure, we can refund 40% of your ticket price, excluding the Eventbrite fee. Refund requests made 75 days or less before the scheduled departure are unfortunately not eligible for any refund due to our obligations to our yacht provider.

  • Why is the booking split into two parts? As required by our service partner, the payment for the food and drinks can only be made in person to the yacht captain, in cash, necessitating this division of payment. However, we’re discussing with our yacht partner and hope to remove this split for future events.

⛡️ Yacht Details

  • Name: Notus
  • Length: 24 meters (79 feet)
  • Width: 6 meters (20 feet)
  • Cabins: 7 cabins in total (6 double bed, 1 twin bed)
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