Last updated on 29 December, 2023

What the FAQ

How do I book my ticket for the Turquoise Summit event?

To secure your spot, you can book your ticket by visiting the dedicated event page on Eventbrite. The unique event page contains all the specific details you need to know. Once you decide to attend, complete your purchase via the event page to secure your attendance. Remember, your payments for event tickets are processed through the secure payment solution offered by Eventbrite.

What does my booking include?

Your booking consists of two parts:

  • Attendance part: This secures your cabin and a seat at the dining table. You’ll book and pay for this in full via our Eventbrite when you decide to participate. Please note that this part will be excluded of the Food and drinks part in Eventbrite.
  • Food and drinks part: This covers your food and unlimited drinks throughout the event and is settled upon arrival, in cash, directly to the captain. It includes breakfasts, lunches, dinners, freshly cooked by our chef, as well as unlimited snacks and drinks. For the 2024 season, the Food and drinks part is €575 per person, and it is the same for all ticket options.
How is the payment divided for my booking?

You’ll book and pay for the attendance part in full via our Eventbrite. The Food and drinks part, covering your meals and drinks, is settled in cash upon your arrival, directly to the captain.

How will I receive confirmation of my booking?

Once you complete the purchase for your selected event tickets, a booking confirmation is directly sent to your email address. If you don’t receive a confirmation, please contact us immediately.

Are there any excursions planned during the trip?

We set an initial itinerary ahead of the event, but it might change due to weather conditions. You can chat with your fellow travellers and the captain to explore possible excursions while onboard. Keep in mind that any excursion fees are excluded from your booking.

Can I bring a partner?

Yes, you can bring a partner, whether it’s a business or romantic partner, as long as both of you meet the event requirements. Please note that your partner will need to buy a separate ticket.

Yes, there is a culture of tipping within the yachting world. A tip is expected from each Summit participant when disembarking from the yacht. You’ll pay this tip in cash to the captain, who then distributes it to the crew. You can decide the amount you feel is fair.

Can you arrange airport transfer?

Certainly! The fare for a one-way transfer from Milas-Bodrum Airport to Ortakent Marina and vice versa (about 45 mins) is €75. This fare can be split among up to 3 people, so we’ll try to ensure you sync with other participants to split the trip and save some € as well as be kinder to the environment.

If I buy a ticket but change my mind, what are my options?

Due to the highly seasonal nature of our events and the personalised nature of tickets, we cannot offer rebooking or ticket transfer options. You’ll need to cancel your ticket according to our terms.

What are the ticket cancellation terms?
  • If you cancel 76 days or more before the scheduled departure, you are eligible for a 40% refund of the ticket price, excluding the Eventbrite fee.
  • If you cancel 75 days or less before the scheduled departure, you are not eligible for any refund due to our obligations to our service provider.
Is there a minimum participant requirement for an event to take place?

Yes, there is. We require a minimum of ten (10) participants for each event to take place, and this count must be reached no later than seventy-five (75) days before the planned departure.

What are the standard boarding and disembarkation times for the event?

Standard boarding time is Saturdays at 3 pm local time (EET), and standard disembarkation time is Saturdays at 10 am local time (EET). These times may be subject to change, and the exact departure times and itinerary will be sent no later than five (5) days before departure.

Can I make additional requests or add-ons to my booking?

Absolutely! You can add requests or additional services after purchasing your ticket, but make sure they are confirmed in writing by Turquoise Summit.

Yes, by attending the event, you acknowledge and agree that you might be photographed or recorded by us or our partners. You permit us to use, distribute, and broadcast your likeness, name, job title, company name, voice, and words in perpetuity in various media forms, without further approval or payment.

Is there a separate fee for ticket purchases?

No, there isn’t as we cover that expense for you. However, if you request a refund, please note it will exclude the Eventbrite fee.

How are ticket prices and VAT handled for participants?

For participants outside of Sweden, our ticket prices are exempt from VAT and a sales service fee. Swedish participants (corporations and private individuals) will have VAT added, while corporations with a valid F Tax Registration can exempt the VAT by declaring it to the Swedish Tax Agency.

When must the entire ticket price be paid, and are deposits required?

No deposits are needed. You’ll pay the full ticket price to confirm your reservation.

In which currency are prices listed, and can prices change?

All prices are listed in euros (€) per person. While we reserve the right to adjust prices when necessary, already paid tickets and services are exempt from these changes.

What’s the currency in Turkey?

The currency in Turkey is called ’lira'.

Are there any discount offers for event tickets?

Occasionally, we may offer discounted ticket promotions. Keep in mind that we’re not obligated to provide discounts for a particular event, and we reserve the right to change or withdraw discount offers at our discretion.

Can I cancel a purchased ticket?

Yes, you can. You have the right to cancel your purchased ticket at any time. However, eligibility for a refund after cancellation is subject to our terms of service.

How should I proceed with the cancellation procedure?

If you or any member of your party wants to cancel, inform us in writing as soon as the decision is made.

What changes or cancellations may occur by Turquoise Summit?

We reserve the right to modify the event itinerary, introduce minor changes, and change or modify the advertised programme, excursions, and/or add-ons if necessary. Unforeseeable cancellations may occur only under significant circumstances beyond our control.

Do I have the right to a refund for unused tickets or parts of an event?

No, you do not have the right to a refund for an unused ticket or unused parts of an event.

What are my responsibilities regarding entry requirements to Turkey?

You assume full responsibility for possessing all necessary and valid documents to enter Turkey. Check visa requirements and necessary paperwork with the Turkish Embassy, Turkish Immigration, or the Turkish Tourist Office before booking a ticket. As a participant holding an event ticket, you are solely responsible for ensuring the correctness and validity of required documents, including a valid passport, visa(s), vaccination(s), health certification(s), and insurance(s).

What is the minimum passport validity required for entry into Turkey?

Your passport must be valid for at least six (6) months from the date of entry into Turkey, with a minimum of three (3) months’ validity beyond the departure date.

What type of insurance coverage must I possess?

You must possess travel insurance(s) covering injuries during water sports, repatriation, luggage, medical expenses, accidents, legal advice, personal assistance, and any extraordinary expenses.

Are there additional requirements for events including travel to the Greek islands?

For events including travel to the Greek islands, you must additionally have correct documents for entering the Schengen Area, such as a ‘Schengen’ visa. Links are provided in our terms.

What responsibilities do I have in compliance with instructions?

You must follow all instructions provided by Turquoise Summit and/or its Service Partner(s) to ensure the seamless operation of the event. You are also liable for any damages arising from improper and/or unlawful conduct.

What expectations must I manage regarding cultural differences and event components?

You are advised to adjust expectations for cultural differences, potential changes to scheduled trips, the quality of yacht amenities, and other components of the event to ensure an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

What does Force Majeure mean in the context of Turquoise Summit events?

Force Majeure refers to any event beyond reasonable control, unavoidable without unreasonable expense or loss of time, and not attributable to Turquoise Summit, leading to a breach, omission, delay, or non-performance of obligations. We have the right to cancel an event without liability if a Force Majeure event results in delay or non-performance. Examples include acts of war, armed conflict, terrorism, cyberattacks, natural events (fire, earthquake, flood, etc.), epidemic or disease outbreaks (including COVID-19), and other unavoidable and extraordinary events. You do not have the right to terminate the agreement if unavoidable and extraordinary events were generally known at the time of entering into the agreement.

How should I address complaints about my event experience?

You must notify the local representative and the service supplier in writing within two (2) days of any complaint. If not resolved satisfactorily, submit a written complaint to Turquoise Summit within five (5) working days after the event’s end or cancellation.