Private Cabin

Calling all adventurers and entrepreneurs!

Join us on an unforgettable sea journey while investing in yourself. Our Private Cabin option is not just for the solitary traveller; it’s the perfect choice for those seeking a secluded and focused environment.


  • €1,895 // during low-season (March to end of June, mid-September to end of October).
  • €2,295 // during peak-season (End of June to mid-September).

PLEASE NOTE: The presented price is the total price for your cabin as well as food and unlimited drinks and snacks throughout the event, but excludes additional services. When purchasing your ticket, you secure both your cabin and a seat at the dining table, of which €575 is to be settled in cash upon embarking. This is not an extra fee, but just a division of payments which is required by our service provider. We appreciate your understanding as we work towards streamlining this process for future events.

What You Get

  • Private Cabin: A private cabin all to yourself, aboard the 24m long wooden sail yacht, offering ultimate comfort and privacy.
  • A Solid Food Coma: You’ll be well fed by our chef, having freshly cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. We can cater to any dietary preference.
  • Unlimited Drinks and Snacks: Indulge in unlimited drinks throughout the event.
  • Peer-Powered Insights: Dive into meaningful discussions with diverse entrepreneurs. This summit is dedicated to foster a collaborative environment, organically sharing insights. Engage, learn, and grow with a community passionate about mutual success.
  • International Networking Opportunities: Forge deeper connections beyond your usual borders, in an intimate melting pot of innovative minds, providing unique opportunities for networking, collaboration, and profound idea exchange. We emphasise connections that go beyond the superficial and that widens your perspectives, as well as geographical reach.
  • Personal Development: Seize the week for self-reflection, recharge, and professional development. The curated gatherings along with the serene nature of being at seas offer an ideal backdrop for introspection, strategic planning, and gaining insights beyond the ordinary. Use this time wisely.
  • Scenic Serenity for Wellbeing: Immerse in the revitalising energy of the turquoise coast. The serene surroundings and sea views spark fresh perspectives, invigorating your entrepreneurial spirit. Words can’t capture the profound impact this experience will have on you.

Unwind in Exclusive Comfort with the Private Cabin

Embark on a solo sea adventure with our Private Cabin, meticulously crafted for single occupancy. Beyond being a cabin, it’s your exclusive maritime retreat, offering unparalleled luxury and personal space on the open sea. Book now and immerse yourself in the ultimate entrepreneurship maritime experience!

Inside the Cabin

Step into the cozy luxury of our Private Cabin, designed for single occupancy. Revel in the freedom to enjoy the open seas with unparalleled comfort and thoughtful amenities, ensuring a truly personal escape.

  • Personal Sanctuary: Indulge in the spacious ensuite bathroom, offering a private haven for relaxation and personal rejuvenation throughout your solitary journey.
  • Individual Climate Control: Tailor the atmosphere to your preference with adjustable air conditioning, providing a delightful environment designed for your exclusive comfort.
  • Solo Sleeping Bliss: Experience the epitome of restful sleep on a comfortable single bed adorned with quality bed linen. Towels and sunbathing towels are provided for your individual comfort.
  • Effortless Storage: Unpack with ease using a wardrobe and under-bed storage, allowing you to organise your belongings effortlessly for a seamless maritime experience.
  • Personal Connectivity: Keep your devices charged with E2-pin Continental European sockets, ensuring you stay connected and capture the journey in solitude.
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